What is A Plastic Pail Mould?

  • A Plastic Pail Mould is an aluminum or stainless steel cavity with the shape of the plastic part that it was designed. Can be multi or single parted, and be used in different processes.

      Imagine you can see a 2 part injection mould, where it would clamp together, then the melted plastic would be forced inside through some channels. It will open and eject the piece (check the circles in a cheap plastic part, that’s the extraction point.

      This one is a thermoforming mould, where a sheet of plastic is heated and then it’s clamped against the mould, making a vacuum or air pressure to make the soft plastic take the shape of the mould. Can be cut in place, or in a second stage, where you have a mirror of the mould dimensions with cutting blades.You can have many sizes such as 18L Pail Mould.