Simple Style Decoration Fabric

  • Can your curtains breathe? Nowadays, the fashion trend is back to nature. With this trend, people prefer to choose some fresh curtains, especially choosing country curtains. They may feel romantic and exquisite mood from these curtains, thus having a happy living space with their families. Today, for girls, returning to nature also means hanging cute Decoration fabric in the bedroom.

    For this kind of curtain, we use high-quality polyester fabric with advanced imported printing technology. Usually, young girls like simple modern decoration styles, which are the main popular styles on the market, so choosing curtains are very important.

    The exquisite polka dot pattern is matched with different colors, which looks cute and fresh. These small dotted patterns look like bubbles sprayed from an open bottle of champagne, giving a vibrant and playful sense of humor and passion. The whole color tone is fresh and delicate, which complements the exquisite printing process. The printing process has clear color levels and high fidelity. The top of the curtain is full of cute fungus, there is a red thread catcher on it, plus a silver decorative belt, it looks good, a perfect life should be so beautiful.

    I like the soft pink color and the rich flavor of high-end fabrics. These little things add romance together so that everything is no longer monotonous, and it also increases people's liveliness and intimacy. The same fabric and stitching are inlaid with three satin ribbons on the three low-key silver pieces above, how romantic and delicate, rich in layers.