Yifan Curtain Fabric Wholesaler Provides A Variety Of Fabric Op


    The textile industry always gets endless fabric choices from closets, which surprises us. Each structure has its own positive and negative points. Clothing, interior decoration and furniture are the main areas of textile use. Textiles are made of fibers, which are spun into yarns to make fabrics. These fibers are natural or synthetic.

    In an era of increasing global warming, our responsibility is to choose fabrics that are not only good for us, but even good for the environment. There is no doubt that natural fabrics are the preferred environmentally friendly decorative fabrics. Yifan curtain fabric wholesaler provide a variety of fabric options.
    Natural fabrics are textiles made from natural fibers. Natural fabrics are environmentally sustainable and biodegradable. Let us get acquainted with the various options that natural fibers can provide. Yifan curtain fabric wholesalers provide a variety of fabric options.

    Different types of natural fabrics?
    Natural fabrics come from both plants and animals. They are highly versatile and have a wide variety of types, textures, colors and characteristics. In-depth research to release the freshness of each fabric.

    Based on factory:
    Natural fabrics synthesized from plant fibers are called plant-based. Fiber is obtained from plants and then processed into fabrics.

    Cotton comes from the cotton pods of the cotton plant. It is a traditional fabric that has been used for a long time. It is versatile and can be used to produce fabrics for soft clothing and durable decoration. Because of its great breathability and breathability, it is an ideal choice for any summer decorative fabric project.

    Linen is another summer fabric that is lightweight, breathable, breathable and moisture-absorbing. Linen has a classic appearance and is easy to redecorate simple and elegant houses. This is an old-fashioned fabric derived from the stem of the flax plant. Its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties make it suitable for sensitive skin.

    >> Hemp
    Hemp is produced from the hemp plant, which is a high-yield crop. It minimizes the use of water and pesticides and is highly environmentally sustainable. It has soft variants and strong variants. This fabric is durable, highly resistant to mold, and has special UV resistance.

    Natural fabrics synthesized from animal products are called animal bases. Fiber is obtained from by-products of animals or their body parts, and then processed into fabrics.


    Silk is the ultimate luxury fabric ever. It is super soft, has a dazzling shine and the best soft drape. Silk is derived from silkworm cocoons, and its production process is complicated. An expensive fabric used in grand occasions such as weddings or royal celebrations.

    Wool is protein-based and is obtained from shearing wool. Merino sheep are commonly used for this purpose. Wool is a durable, warm and super comfortable fabric used for winter decoration. In addition, it can be dyed well to suit any home decoration.