Try Something New Grafts For Kids In New Year

  •   Hi there! I just love a quick and easy paper project, don’t you? Today I’m sharing this super cute New Year’s Party Hat for Kids -wooden crafts for saleThis is a fun little project that the kids can do together while waiting for the ball to drop, or earlier in the day if your kids are like mine and can’t manage to stay up past about 9 pm.

      This project uses basic household items, and you can also use large number stickers or stencils if you have them on hand. Let’s get started!

      Use many of the same craft supplies to make my fun New Years poppers!

      New Year’s Party Hat for Kids


      Scrapbook paper. I used metallic and glitter, but you can use whatever kind you have available.

      Stickers to decorate


      Pen or pencil to draw numbers


      Start by cutting off two strips of paper that are 2 inches tall by 12 inches long. These will form the band of our hat. Now grab some fun paper of a different color or style, and draw out the numbers for the new year! I did these just freehand, but you can use stencils, big number stickers, or even trace our printable numbers. Then go ahead and cut them out. Now you’re going to take one of the paper strips, and use your stapler to attach the numbers in the middle of the paper strip, coming off of the top of it.

      Just like this! Now, staple one end of the paper strip to the second paper strip we have. Wrap the big long strip around the head of the person who is going to wear the hat. Then trim and staple the other end of the band so it fits snugly on their head! We’re almost done! Now grab your stickers and start decorating your hat. I like covering up the staples first, then adding on a whole bunch of stickers to make the hat super bright and fun.

      I hope you enjoy making this New Year’s Party Hat for Kids, and I can’t wait to see what unique variations you come up with!

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