The Variety Of Folding Camping Beds

  • While a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag combo may suffice for outdoor nights inside a tent, folding camping beds provide a bed-like feel without compromising on a "real" camping experience.

      For some people, sleeping on the ground is uncalled for and likely to cause unsolicited sores. For others, phobias of ground-crawling bugs and snakes abound.

      If you’re such a person, you will find the elevation that camping cots offer irresistible.

      The tricky part comes when choosing from a multitude of the available options with each brand claiming to be having the best camping cot. So, which is the best camping bed for you? What exactly should you look at before investing your hard-earned money in a portable camping bed?

      We categorize them into 9 major categories; lightweight, oversize, packable, emergency, kids’ camping beds, adult bunk cots, tent cots, double camping cots and cots with organizers.

      Today, the most comfortable camping cots steer away from use of end bars and cross bars. These cots apply pressure squarely on the fabric top and try to avoid use of additional sleeping gear such as sleeping pads and blow up mattresses.

      Still, there are a few comfortable cots that come with foam padding and air mattresses. Much as they increase the comfort of a cot sleeping on it, the additional elements tend to add on weight hence hampering portability.

      You will want to keenly scrutinize the design and the architecture of a given cot to figure out how comfort is achieved and whether or not this attempt creates inconveniences.

      Price (Budget)

      Price is usually not a very reliable metric for gauging the quality of any product. Thus, we felt it was best to use price as a last resort tiebreaker when comparing any two similar products with regards to their features.

      Again, in most cases, it is more practical for a customer to start off with a budget for any product and move on from there.

      Brand Reputation

      Thanks to the information age, consumers are more vocal about their experiences with various products today more than ever before. Online forums and a quick search can help you zero in on a more suitable camping cot tailored to your needs.

      Warranty and Return Policies

      In general, a company that offers long warranty covers and friendly return policies is mostly a good sign that the company stands by the quality of their product.

      It also protects you from suffering a loss in case the camping cot is defective or not up to standard.


      Camping beds come in many forms and types, ranging from bunk-able cots, lightweight cots to even packable cots. You can always be assured that you will get a suitable camping cot to meet your needs.