Beer cooler cart built-in sensor can display real-time temperat


    If you want to say what goes well with the European Cup, it must be a cold beer. Here is a beer cooler cart for everyone, which can cool the beer to -2 degrees in 6 minutes.

    Although this year's European Cup time is not suitable for our Chinese fans, the main game time is concentrated at 0 o'clock and 3 o'clock in the morning, but if you are accompanied by a cold beer, it seems that all your sleepiness will disappear.

    This beer cooler cart from Cixi Xinshidai appliances allows us to quickly cool a can of beer to 6 degrees Celsius or minus 2 degrees Celsius without a refrigerator, which is the most suitable rhythm for summer nights.

    Beer Cooler can cool the beer in a few minutes, and can even detect the initial temperature of the beer through the built-in sensor to automatically select which temperature is more suitable. I believe that a few cans of clear and cold beer should make our remaining European Cup elimination journey more passionate.

    Cixi Xinshidai Electric is a cooler cart manufacturer. The products we sell are mainly outdoor cooler carts, including cooler carts with wheels, party cooler carts, metal cooler cart, stainless steel cooler cart and beer cooler cart.

    We can also follow the customer's requirements for the color and specifications of the custom cooler cart, please contact us if you need it.