The difference between outdoor fabrics and ordinary fabrics


    There are many kinds of luggage fabrics, including Oxford, PU, ​​PVC and so on. So, how should the luggage fabric be identified? Let's look at it from four aspects.

    1. Fabric gloss

    A good bag fabric will have a soft light that is different from oily under the light. Different fabrics have different gloss. The density of nylon fabrics is thicker and obvious, so the gloss is brighter than other cloth fabrics; leather The material itself is reflective, so the gloss will be higher.

    2. Fabric texture

    Good fabrics feel very delicate, warm and comfortable to the touch without rubbing hands; when hanging, they will have a natural drape feeling. The texture of nylon fabric is clear, and the denser the texture, the texture is also obvious. The nylon of small fabric also has the effect of anti-tear.

    3. Fabric weight and taste

    Good fabrics are generally lighter in weight. Cloth fabrics (nylon, polyester, canvas) are light and soft, easy to sew and cut, and easy to carry. However, it seems that the heavier the leather, the more real it is. The general test is to see if the leather has a taste. A good leather does not taste.

    4. Fabric elasticity

    Good fabrics have very good elasticity and reducibility, and can be restored to flat without wrinkles when they are rubbed together by hand. This test is most suitable for dermis, the elastic one is dermis.

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