Be Careful When Purchasing Paper Cup Sleeve


    Coffee lovers must know the Paper cup sleeve, but the disposable environmental protection paper cup sleeve in different coffee shops are different, so we should carefully distinguish them when purchasing.

    1. making raw materials

    Paper cup sleeve produced by different manufacturers are different in material selection. Some manufacturers have high requirements on product quality, and the materials used are also in accordance with national industry standards, so the cost is slightly higher.

    2. Thickness

    Besides raw materials, the thickness of paper cup sleeve will also affect the price. Generally speaking, the thicker the raw materials, the higher the price. This is because there are more raw materials and more costs, so the price is also higher.

    3. Make grinding tools

    Using different dies to process paper cup sleeve will also have a certain impact on the price. Because different grinding tools have certain differences in processing technology, the cost will be different.

    4. Customized quantity

    Different quantities of the same paper cup sleeve will result in different prices. As we all know, manufacturers are trying to attract a large number of customers, and customers with long-term development trend are giving preferential treatment to old customers or customers with a large amount of order information, that is to say, the more customized quantity, the lower the cost and the lower the price.

    5. Equipment

    There are many domestic manufacturers, but the equipment used is different. Some manufacturers have strong overall strength and deep assets, so they will immediately upgrade their equipment and introduce technical equipment. The paper cup sleeve produced by such equipment are not only of good quality, but also have a very high qualified rate.

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