The Quality Of Disposable Paper Bowl Can Not Be Ignored


    Nowadays, disposable paper bowl are convenient and hygienic to use, and are necessary articles for many families and offices, and their consumption is increasing. However, the disposable paper bowls of many brands in the market nowadays are difficult to be used with confidence. The quality of disposable paper bowl is not guaranteed, the labeling of capacity is not standardized, many brands and prices are all outstanding problems.

    According to the introduction, if the disposable paper bowl is blue under the fluorescent lamp, it means that the paper bowl contains fluorescent substances with high density. According to medical clinical experiments, fluorescent substances can make cells mutate. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they will become potential carcinogenic factors. Disposable paper bowls are often stacked together and sealed in plastic packaging in the sales process. Although they are visible and tangible, most people do not know the quality. Here, I recommend several ways to choose paper bowls.

    1. Look at the packaging and logo

    Generally, paper bowls should be sealed in plastic packaging bags, and the packaging bags should not be damaged. Paper bowls that are not tightly packaged are easily polluted by the environment, and their hygiene cannot be guaranteed. Product packaging should indicate the name, address, implementation standard, production date and validity period of the product.

    2. Check the appearance

    The paper bowl should be quite wide in shape and should not be deformed. In addition, paper bowls with better stiffness should be selected. Paper bowls with poor stiffness are very soft when pinched by hand, and when put into food, they will be seriously deformed when they are lifted, and even they will not be lifted, which will affect their use.

    3. The paper bowl is in direct contact with the oral cavity, so hygiene is particularly important.

    Buy products from regular manufacturers from regular channels, so that the sanitary condition of paper bowls can be generally guaranteed.

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