What Are The Printing Processes of Double Wall Paper Cup


    1. Ink

    The heat sealing performance of Double wall paper cup and the printability of PE film require that the ink composition, residual solvent amount, drying conditions and other factors must adapt to the performance of paper cups.

    The quality of printed matter in double wall paper cup is the result of the reasonable combination of printing machinery with printing technology, substrate and ink. If one of them is not well coordinated, it will affect the printing quality of paper cups and ink, or it will fail in the printing process.

    2. Solvents

    The selected ink solvent should not swell the PE film as much as possible, and the solvent should not contain water for imposition, so as to prevent the printed matter from curling. The ink containing plasticized free carrier should be selected as much as possible, so as to prevent the printed matter from curling due to different shrinkage rates between the ink film and PE film due to temperature changes. The curled printed matter will be warped after being cut into fan-shaped pieces by die, which will bring difficulties to the transportation and roll forming process during cup making.

    3. Drying temperature

    After printing, the drying temperature of the printed matter should not be too high. When the temperature is too high, the surface of the base film will produce a peroxide reaction, resulting in poor heat sealing. However, it is necessary to prevent the printing ink from drying badly, so as to avoid the odor of double wall paper cup.

    4. Temperature and humidity of the environment

    If the relative humidity in the workshop is too high, it will also cause the printed matter to curl. In the environment where the temperature is too high, the adhesion between the upper and lower films will occur, which will also affect the subsequent processing and forming of paper cups.

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