Application And Wide Range Of OEM Aluminum Die Castings


    In recent years, OEM Aluminum Die Castings have been widely used. Today, let's take a look at the characteristics of OEM aluminum die castings and the advantages of this technology.

    According to the main alloy elements added, aluminum die castings can be divided into four commonly used brands, i.e., AL-Si, Al-Cu, Al-Mg and Al-Zn, which are ADC 12 (A383) and ADC 10 (A380). Because of its good quality, high precision, good surface finish, high strength and stable size, aluminum die-casting products are often used to die-cast various thin-walled and complex die-casting products. Moreover, the production efficiency of aluminum die castings is very high, and the average number of times of small hot aluminum die casting machines can reach 3000-7000 in eight hours. Moreover, the metal utilization rate of aluminum alloy is very high and the price is affordable, which greatly reduces the energy consumption and saves the cost.

    At present, with the development of various intelligent industries and driven by new energy vehicles, aluminum die-casting technology has also developed by leaps and bounds in China. Innovative technology has made aluminum die-casting parts more beautiful and more precise. Some precision instruments, intelligent equipment and other accessories have used aluminum die-casting technology.


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