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You have multiple options for how people will join and interact in your community. Create networks based on profile commonality, email message templates, two-way and one-way follower scenarios, invitation options and more.


Monetize your site through subscription and membership billing plans, offering paid-only access for certain levels or sections of the community. Make money by displaying ads where you want them, targeting by profile types, networks or member levels.

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Your community members have a range of content, activity and personal information features that can be fully customized. Set profile types, layouts, member and moderator levels, privacy, profile questions, post options and more.

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Stream community member posts mixed with your notifications, member comments, shares and likes of all types. Enable members to attach links, photos, music and videos. Timestamp, filter, share and customize feed content as desired.

Content Management

Easy to use CMS enables you to customize the layout, style and content through drag-and-drop layout functionality. Leverage public and private sections, SEO-friendly URLs, file and media management, multi-language support and more.

Private Messaging

Enable private messaging between members, including thread-like discussions and message history with links and attachments. Do mass-messaging or limit messages to targeted recipients with community notifications and via email.

On Demand Apps

The increasingly popular PU safety gloves

October 26, 2020

Author: nbglove nbglove

  During work, pu safety gloves can protect hands. When we choose gloves, we should pay attention to quality. Raw materials and production processes determine the quality of gloves. First, when making PU safety gloves, weave nylon/polyester into a seamless glove liner of size 13 and put the glove liner on a mold of corresponding size. Secondly, immerse the mold with the glove liner in the mixed PU liquid, and dry the surface with a fan. Finally, the mold with PU liquid is baked in an oven at a low temperature of 120°C for 40-60 minutes. PU safety gloves are made of 100% polyester/nylon and imported PU resin. Ningbo GG Safety Products Co.,Ltd has PU safety gloves in different colors. You will have multiple choices. PU safety gloves are non-slip, oil-proof, wear-resistant, sweat-absorbent, breathable, dust-free, odorless, and soft. They are widely used in many industries. Long service life is an important factor for users to choose it and it can be reused. It is not a disposable product. In many industries, protective gloves will be damaged after one use, will be directly discarded and become disposable products, which will waste materials and increase production costs. This problem can be eliminated in the environment of using PU safety gloves, the product can be reused, and it is becoming more and more popular among users. Ningbo GG Safety Products Co.,Ltd can provide PU safety gloves with quality and quantity. Welcome to visit our official website and purchase: pu safety gloves.  

Rocket League Esports Shop went stay after years of requests

October 22, 2020

Author: worldofwarcraft lee

It’s eventually right here. Launched on Tuesday, April 16, Rocket League’s Esports Shop went stay after years of requests. Ever for the reason that assertion some weeks returned, fanatics had been eagerly anticipating what form of gadgets might grow to be to be had for purchase. Then, with the reveal, the fanatics’ minds had been eased with the information of Rocket League Items decals and wheels being offered. But we nevertheless hadn’t visible whatever. With anticipation, we awaited the Esports Shop on Tuesday. Would the gadgets suffice, or might they sizzle out after years of hyping up the idea? As announced, simply six gadgets had been on provide, which resets each 24/forty eight hours (relying at the object in query). The first gadgets withinside the Esports Shop had been 4 decals, one set of Dignitas wheels, and a Ghost Gaming banner. Straight off the bat, the 2 quality North American groups had been on provide with Cloud9 and NRG. Both had been met with excessive enthusiasm, as had been the Splyce and the Evil Geniuses decals. The gadgets went past many fanatics’ expectations, and the primary impressions had been overwhelmingly positive. If this become to be the usual of the org gadgets, then Psyonix has absolutely added. All expert gamers had been given a code for his or her very own enterprise’s gadgets and quick confirmed them off LOLGA on Twitter and Twitch. As expected, the gadgets now no longer but featured in the store upheld the identical exceptional. With 4 units of wheels consistent with enterprise and decals (Octane and Dominus), Psyonix added now no longer simplest fantastic gadgets, however additionally a excessive quantity.

Why choose PU office chair

October 21, 2020

Author: on sun

  Office chair refers to the backrest chair that a person sits on when working on a desktop in a sitting state, and is broadly defined as all chairs used in the office. According to the material, it can be divided into pu office chairs, mesh office chairs and so on. Basic composition of PU office chair: 1: Casters: ordinary casters, PU wheels. 2: Chair legs: The thickness of the iron frame directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: polishing, spray painting, baking varnish, electroplating to delete the atlas, the electroplating quality is good, and it is not easy to rust. 3: Pneumatic rod: also called extension rod, used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair. 4: Chassis: The part holding up the seat, the bottom is connected with the air rod. 5: Chair seat: composed of wood, sponge and fabric. The quality of wood boards is usually not felt by consumers. Sponge: recycled cotton, new cotton. 99% of manufacturers use the two together, the thicker and harder, the higher the cost, the thickness is appropriate, and the hardness is appropriate. Press the seat by hand,  Fabric: PU. The plastic frame is pressed into the net cloth. This type of chair is more in line with breathability. 6: Handrail: Thickness affects quality. 7: Chair back seat connection: The chair seat and the back of the chair are separated and connected by steel pipe or steel plate. The steel plate is usually 6mm or 8mm thick. However, steel plates with a width less than 6 cm must be 8 mm thick. 8: Chair back: steel frame, made of PU material. 9: Lumbar pillow: reflects the comfort of the chair. 10: Headrest: express the comfort of the chair. If you are interested in our PU office chairs, please feel free to contact us: pu office chairs.  

Cooler cart has excellent thermal insulation performance

October 20, 2020

Author: cixi xsd

  Cixi Xinshidai released a new cooler cart, let’s watch together: Appearance 1. Appearance The car incubator shell size is 516×336×383mm, which looks similar to the 35L storage box. It is not a problem to put two or three trunks of this size. The incubator is pure white with black handles and locks, which is more concise. The full rounded plastic mold of the box has no corners. Take this big guy out of the car, either with the handle or with both hands, with invisible handles on both sides of the box. 2. Details The main function of the incubator is to keep warm, but it also has a lot of subtleties in the details. The fish ruler design of the lid is suitable for fishing enthusiasts. The groove design of the lid is suitable for holding cups or cans. The large load-bearing box is suitable for use as a chair. 316 stainless steel The corkscrew is suitable for free drinking. 3. Thermal insulation performance The incubator has three layers of insulation, much like a sandwich. The first layer is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, the second layer is polymer insulation, and the third layer is heat-resistant and cold-resistant. The wall thickness is up to 8 cm, which can effectively alleviate temperature loss. The heat preservation time of general incubators is within 24 hours. The better ones can keep heat for up to 10 hours and cold for up to 72 hours. The heat preservation time of this incubator is up to 50 hours for heat preservation and 7 days for cold preservation. . However, this time limit is also conditional. For example, it needs to reduce unpacking, high-quality refrigerant, and refrigerate/freeze things in advance. 4. No need for electricity The Leao insulation box relies on physical insulation to isolate heat loss, without consuming any energy, and without plugging in electricity. A more extended look is zero noise and pollution. 5. Insulation practice Today’s incubator is filled with iced beverages. The 22.5L capacity can hold 36 cans of 330ml canned beverages. It can also be directly loaded into 2L large bottles of beverages. The beverages need to be refrigerated in advance before packing. In order to extend the refrigeration time, they are also placed in the box. Ice cubes and ice bags (the incubator should be equipped with enough ice cubes and high-quality refrigerant when keeping cold). Summary: This incubator is simple in appearance, careful in details, long-term insulation is more environmentally friendly, expensive long-term refrigeration and low-cost short-term insulation belong to the two extremes, this incubator fills the gap in the middle area and gives users Another option. Cixi Xinshidai can customize the color of each product according to customer requirements, and can print or press the logo directly on the cooler cart. If you need it, please contact us: custom cooler cart.  

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